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About Double R Ranch Co.

You’ll Taste the Difference
Double R Ranch is exceptional quality, premium beef from the heart of the Northwest. Whether you’re an occasional steak eater or a full blown beef aficionado, you’ll taste the Double R difference the first time you bite into one of our steaks or roasts.

We’re Involved Every Step of the Way
What makes Double R Ranch better than other beef brands? It starts with our experience. We’re a family owned business that’s been around since 1968. We started as a basic cattle operation and steadily added the expertise to create a fully integrated beef company. Today, we’re involved in every step of beef production from start to finish, including ranching, cattle feeding, animal nutrition, and beef processing. Other online beef companies simply buy product on the open market and can’t provide the consistent high quality that results when you "do it yourself."

Northwest Beef is Better
Beef from the Northwest has distinct advantages. The climate is more temperate than other beef producing locations so there’s less stress on the animals. The result is beef that’s simply more tender and flavorful. We only use premium cattle of English Cross origin which also helps us provide consistent high quality, delicious beef.

Aged to Perfection, Hand-Selected, and Hand-Cut
We always work to provide our customers with the best beef possible. A key part of our process is wet aging our beef 28 days to maximize flavor and tenderness. This step is missing from beef you buy at the grocery store and from most other online retailers. Once the aging process is complete, one of our Master Butchers hand selects, trims and cuts the final products we package and carefully ship to your door.

Beef Beyond Belief
The end result of our comprehensive care and control is beef that’s unlike anything you’ve tried. Our older customers tell us "Double R Ranch tastes the way beef used to taste." All our customers agree our beef has an unforgettable taste that’s hands down great. Try for yourself. We think you’ll find Double R. Ranch is beef, beyond belief.

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