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Maintaining the trust of consumers is a responsibility that the Rebholtz family and all of those affiliated with the Double R Ranch Co. take very seriously. The fundamental values of Conservation, Compassion, and Safety and Wholesomeness are evident in our daily activities.

Environmental Conservation and Preservation

  • Conservation of natural resources including wildlife and plant communities
  • Recycling nutrients back into the land
  • Effective carbon footprint management
  • Supporting the development of alternative energy sources

Compassion for Others

  • A history of leading programs to fight hunger, particularly in the Pacific Northwest
  • The support of education in communities in which it operates
  • Commitment to sustaining local farmers and ranchers
  • Zero tolerance code of cattle care program that ensures the proper care and handling of animals

Safety and Wholesomeness

  • Verification of product integrity through internal and third party verifications
  • Investment in state-of-the-art practices to ensure food safety
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