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- Searing is faster and more appropriate than oven-broiling for thinner, tender cuts of beef. No water or fat is added to the pan, except in the case of seasoning “new” cast iron. Drippings from beef should be removed if and when they accumulate.

This method is great for...

Steak or Roast   *Medium Rare *Medium
Traditional Ribeye (14 oz.) 1" 10 to 15 min. 16 to 21 min.
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Finished Temperatures

Medium-Rare Medium Well Done
145° F 160° F 170° F

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Quick Tips

Determining Doneness
Use an instant-read thermometer inserted horizontally into the side of burgers and steaks to check doneness. Learn more...
Tips on Choosing a Meat Thermometer
A meat thermometer will help you cook beef at a safe temperature and prevent overcooking. Choose a thermometer that is designed for meat, not for candy or other foods. The two most common types of meat thermometers are instant read and oven proof. Learn more...
Never defrost beef at room temperature. Defrost all frozen beef slowly in the refrigerator. Slow thawing is not only safe, but also prevents moisture and flavor loss. Learn more...
How Much to Buy
See our tips for determining how much you should buy based on serving size. Learn more...
Wine Pairing
Pair great with great, humble with humble. Aged prime rib is far more satisfying when it's served with a wine of commensurate greatness. Similarly, pot roast feels just right with a juicy, humble wine. Learn more...
Salt Pairing
BEEF + SALT = A Delicious Mouthwatering Combination. Beef and salt have an interesting relationship. Salt your steak too soon before cooking, your steak will lose some of its moisture; but if you salt your steak just before it hits the pan or grill, you will achieve amazing flavor and great caramelization! Learn more...

Chef's Advice

Step 1
Heat 12-inch cast iron skillet* over medium heat until hot. Season steaks with salt and pepper or your favorite seasoning blend; place steaks in skillet. Next


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